cross country skiing11 December, 2011


I love cross country skiing. In the spring and summer and fall, I love being outside and going for long walks or hikes. But when winter hits, it is hard to get me out of the house. Unless there are cross country skis strapped to my feet. Boots or snowshoes don’t cut it. I don’t know why.

As a kid, I lived across the street from a golf course, and in the winter it had groomed trails. We could step outside the front door, cross the street, and voila, start skiing. In Seattle (where snow is very rare), there was an hour drive from our apartment in the city out to the snowy mountains before we could ski. I’m so glad to be living again where all I have to do is step outside my front door to go skiing.

We don’t have any groomed trails, but the surrounding fields have a pristine, unexplored feeling to them in winter that more than makes up for it. There are other tracks out there, but they’ve been made by deer and coyotes and the like. See in the picture? Our tracks are on the right, the deer tracks are on the left.

You might also notice all the sticks and dirt showing through the snow in our tracks. There really wasn’t enough snow to ski properly this week, but it was fabulous to get out anyway. I don’t know why.


  • That looks perfect for just stepping out the door and heading off into the great white.

    Cathy13 December, 2011 at 4:08 pm